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Nureki, Kinbiken, and the Aesthetics of Kinbaku

In working with Sunohara san, I have had an amazing opportunity to review 30 videos of Nureki Chimuo's kinbiken workshops from the 1980s and...



Zen Nihon Kinbaku Hakurankai (All Japan Kinbaku Exposition)

全日本緊縛博覧会 Zen Nihon Kinbaku Hakurankai (All Japan Kinbaku Exposition)   The first All Japan Kinbaku Exposition will be held 12:00-18:00 Sunday 26th February 2017 at Christon Cafe...

Imasugudekiru Volume 2

Kazami Ranki san and Shigonawabingo san have released their second edition Imasugudekiru Japanese Ropework Manual for Beginner and Intermediate with 22 shibari ties illustrated in...

Announcement: Japanese Bound

Japanese Bound is proud to announce the launch of their website at  In cooperation with video producers in Japan, Japanese Bound is able...

Sin: Year of the Bakushi

Year of The Bakushi 縛師の一年 is a detailed account of the human elements of kinbaku BDSM sexual bondage from an international underground performer of the deeply...

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