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Review: Yukimura Haruki: Kamoi



MODEL(S): Ai Mizushima, Aya Aizumi, Azusa Nagasawa, Miyako Yamamoto, Nozomi Hara, Nozomi Hatzuki.

ARTIST: Yukimura Haruki Sensei.

CATEGORY: Erotic Kinbaku Aibunawa

RUNNING TIME: 1.59.18 (2h)


SUMMARY: The movie is a set of multiple videos that follow one another in the same style applied to multiple ties on different models.The Sensei who is always impassive leaves often the scene to the models, who, one by one, let their emotions flow: amid shame and excitement, a few strings let out a great feeling of constriction.Several situations of emotional and erotic ties for the entire movie.

FEATURED TIES: Sensei Yukimura uses simple techniques, typical of his style: handcuff, gote shibari in Yukimura style and firm double handcuffs all over the body. Really interesting the predictment bondage he uses as crouch tie and making the model move on tensioned line. All the ties are Newaza, floorties, highlighting mainly the emotions rather than techniques, by preparing the model to be masturbated or spanked.

HIGHLIGHTS/NOTEWORTHY SCENES :In the videos the models’ bodies go from complete nudity, to semi-nudity ending in the last case in kimono. This in fact shows how emotions do not depend on the environment, on the models’ shapes, nor on their nakedness. On the contrary the emotions come out gradually as we live the ropes and as a sort of erotic magnetism is created. Sensual movements and domination scenes are the best moment in the movie: Yukimura Sensei is always in the control by humiliating the girls with simple but at the same time powerful actions.A long scene of no rope shibari is really interesting for the way he reaches control without using tying.

AUDIENCE: There is no focal point or apical point during the video, so the public could enjoy the view of a private session. It seems to look two lovers doing kinbaku. Sensei Yukimura does not reveal his tricks and leaves many things to the viewer’s imagination to see how he masturbates his woman, preparing her for a sex session that is only in their mind.Even the simplicity of ties give the experience of a domination session with ropes, more than complex suspension ties.Yukimura Sensei brings us in women’s shibari fantasies.


The video is all shot with fixed camera, from a good angle and a soft light to let the viewer see all in a “normal” scenario.There are several scenes, with different women and ties, so the video has a high climax, changing often emotion.In all these ties just few ropes were used, there are no complex compositions or suspensions, in a perfect representation of newaza style. There is tension, silence, breaths, groans, roughness and eroticism, not so much technique, but this genius master shines like a diamond.

Available at Rope Flix and Japanese Bound