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Yoshiiku, “Bound Captive” (1870)


“Bound Captive” from the series “Lives of Valiant Tiger Warriors” (Kyôyû shôko den)

Lives of Valiant Tiger Warriors – Handsome design from Yoshiiku’s 1870 series “Lives of Valiant Tiger Warriors” depicting heroic samurai and noblemen in a variety of activities, along with a few beauties and commoners. Theses koban size prints pack a lot of detail into a small image, with expressive figures and interesting settings, accompanied by text about the figure.

Artist Yoshiiku (1833 – 1904)

Image Size 7″ x 4 3/4″

According to Dieter Wanczura, “Yoshiiku had learned printmaking as a pupil of Kuniyoshi. One of his co-students at Kuniyoshi’s studio was Yoshitoshi Tsukioka (Taiso). Yoshiiku was said to have bullied Yoshitoshi at the studio, and these two men remained rivals for the rest of their lives.”

From the collection of Zetsu Nawa