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Matthias T. J. Grimme, aka Drachenmann aka Tatsu Otoko was born 1953 in Hamburg, Germany. Since 1989 he is co-publisher of the biggest German SM-Magazine Schlagzeilen (http://www.schlagzeilen.com). Here he published many articles about BDSM. He is also well known for being the author of "The SM-Handbook" and "The Bondage-Handbook" (the german standard handbooks for BDSM people) and for "Das SM-Handbuch Spezial 1", "Das Session-Kochbuch", "Japanese Bondage". He is BDSM-performer and SM- and Japanese Bondage Teacher (since 2000) with own workshops in Hamburg and Europe. He is the owner of the online supply of Bondage Project (http://www.bondageproject.com). He has been in Tokyo several times, being the second westerner, who does public Bondage-Shows in Japan. He has met Osada Eikichi, Osada Steve, Akechi Denki, Randa Mai, Kazami Ranki, Yukimura Haruki, Kinoko Hajime and other Japanese Bondage People. His Bondage-Style is a mixture of what he has seen in Tokyo and his own inspirations. People call his stuff "Hamburg School". Since 2000 he also works as a photographer and filmer, rigger and ropeartist in Japanese Style Bondage (Shibari).