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New Survey


There is a new survey for the World Bondage Report.

This survey is a simple collection of information monitoring active participation in rope bondage of all forms from those tying (tops) and being tied (bottoms). Your cooperation is secret and confidential, your contact details are not required, and you will only be able to participate once. The purpose is to produce an impartial annual report for all to read at TODAY, looking at trends e.g. increase in activity, demographics, reasons for tying, methods of learning, etc.

Please be honest with your answers.

Take the Survey Now or See last year's results

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Zetsu is a member of Yukimura Haruki’s kinbaku school in Japan under the name Haru Yutaka. He has participated in workshops in Tokyo with Suguira Norio and has had his work exhibited in Tokyo at Gallery Shinjukuza, run by the legendary kinbaku photographer Kanno Kei. While in Japan, he has participated in several “satsueikai” photo shoots, photographing the rope work of Naka Akira and Yukimura Haruki. He is a member of The Monarchs in Los Angeles and runs the Los Angeles Rope Dojo.