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Evie Vane’s “Little Guide to Getting Tied Up” now in Japanese!


evieEvie Vane's guide to bottoming in rope has just been translated and released in Japan.  Translated by Yuki Sakurai and available on Amazon.co.jp in Japanese and, of course, in English on Amazon.com, both as a paperback and as a downloadable e-book.

Evie Vane has presented on rope bottoming at Bond Con, TES, and San Francisco State University; is a regular guest on Kink.com's The Upper Floor; and has performed at Morpheous' Bondage Extravaganza, Masquerotica, Opel Productions parties, and the Folsom Street Fair. When she's not writing or reading about rope bondage, you can find Evie cavorting around at the many play spaces and dungeons in the Bay Area. Get free tips and resources at RopeBottoming.com and free rope bottoming videos on YouTube's Evie Vane channel.

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