Nagare Aotsuki Interview

Nagare Aotsuki is widely respected by his peers as one of, if not the most charismatic and powerful kinbakushi Doms in Japan today. He is...
Interview:  Yuki Sakurai Kinbaku Today 4

Interview: Yuki Sakurai

Sin interviews Yuki Sakurai
Interview: Hourai Kasumi Kinbaku Today 1

Interview: Hourai Kasumi

Interviewed by Bergborg.
Interview with Master "K" on the Second Edition of "The Beauty of Kinbaku" Kinbaku Today 1

Interview with Master “K” on the Second Edition of “The Beauty of Kinbaku”

Master K discusses the new edition of The Beauty of Kinbaku
Interview:  Kanso of Bondage Erotique Kinbaku Today 1

Interview: Kanso of Bondage Erotique

Kinbaku Today sits down with Kanso from Bondage Erotique
Interview with Isabelle Hanikamu Kinbaku Today 3

Interview with Isabelle Hanikamu

Fresh off her trip to Tokyo, Isabelle Hanikamu shares some of the highlights of her trip.
Interview:  Iroha Shizuki Kinbaku Today 3

Interview: Iroha Shizuki

One of Japan's top kinbaku models discusses being tied and what the future holds for kinbaku.
Interview:  Otonawa and Tsubasa Kinbaku Today 2

Interview: Otonawa and Tsubasa

Otonawa and Tsubasa interviews by Ben Hart in Toronto
Interview: Akira Naka  Kinbaku Today 2

Interview: Akira Naka

Akira Naka interviewed live in LA, June 2014.