Gallery:  RopeMarks Kinbaku Today 2

Gallery: RopeMarks

Gallery from RopeMarks

Yukimura Haruki from “Table Bondage”

Yukimura Ryu evolved at its location. In particular lintel, pillars, tatami rooms, futons, tatami chairs, tables, and things that are in Japanese style rooms....

Four winter scenes from Oniroku Dan’s SM King 1. 1975.

Beautiful work by Ozuma.  Courtesy of Sin.

Gallery: Bakushi’s Den 2: Hajime Kinoko

Bakushi's Den 2: Hajime Kinoko In the second installment of the Bakushi's Den series, director Yukimura Haruki works with Hajime Kinoko and model Sumire. A...
Gallery:  Nawa Yumio's History of Punishment (1963) Kinbaku Today

Gallery: Nawa Yumio’s History of Punishment (1963)

A series of images from Nawa Yumio's treatise on Edo era punishment techniques (1963)

Gallery: Kinoko Hajime and Kawakami Yuu

Kinoko Hajime and Kawakami Yuu From November.  A fantastic collaboration between Ichinawakai rope master Hajime Kinoko and one of the top rope models in Japan,...
Yukimura and Iroha: Hair Rope Torture Kinbaku Today 2

Yukimura and Iroha: Hair Rope Torture

This is a great photo collection with two of the greatest figures in modern kinbaku: Grandmaster Yukimura Haruki tying and Iroha Shizuki modeling.  A...

Kazami Ranki in Barcelona

Literally, shibari means ‘to tie’ and refers to an ancient, aesthetic form of rope bondage that since the beginning of the twentieth century is...

Gallery: Jens from Edelfotos Darksite (Bondage Photos)

Bondage Photos from Edelfotos Darksite My name is Jens, I'm from Germany and I am 31 years old.  My job is a photographer and I...
Gallery:  Suzuki Reiji's Rope Magic Kinbaku Today 1

Gallery: Suzuki Reiji’s Rope Magic

Amateur bakushi and photographer's work from Japan

Gallery: Akechi Denki’s Naoko Hayashiba Photos

In 2001, Motz Publication released Punishment (罰) a gorgeous photo book of Naoko Hayashiba's images photographed by Alao Yokogi, one of his many photo books...