Chizuru and Yukimura Kinbaku Today 2

Chizuru and Yukimura

From Satseuikai, October 26, 2103. Rope by Yukimura Haruki model: Chizuru

Yamazaki Mika’s Kinbaku Pirate Ship

Most weekends in the major cities of Japan there are kinbaku related events, many with a distinctive theme. For the visitor they can often...
Akira Naka in Los Angeles Kinbaku Today 1

Akira Naka in Los Angeles

On June 13th, Akira Naka performed to a sold out house at a Sunset Boulevard theater.
Gallery: Riccardo Wildties Kinbaku Today 2

Gallery: Riccardo Wildties

Kinbaku by Riccardo Wildties.
Gallery: Clover Kinbaku Today 1

Gallery: Clover

Kinbaku images by Clover
Gallery: Chizuru Kinbaku Today 2

Gallery: Chizuru

Photography by Zetsu. Shot in Roppongi, October, 2013. satsueikai with Yukimura Haruki and Chizuru.
Gallery:  RopeMarks Kinbaku Today 2

Gallery: RopeMarks

Gallery from RopeMarks
Yukimura and Iroha: Hair Rope Torture Kinbaku Today 2

Yukimura and Iroha: Hair Rope Torture

This is a great photo collection with two of the greatest figures in modern kinbaku: Grandmaster Yukimura Haruki tying and Iroha Shizuki modeling.  A...

Drawn To Rope: Baddydash

Life-Drawing by Baddydash Drawn to Rope is a rope-themed life-drawing event in London (UK), during which interested artists have the opportunity to draw or paint...

Four winter scenes from Oniroku Dan’s SM King 1. 1975.

Beautiful work by Ozuma.  Courtesy of Sin.
Gallery:  DonSir Black & White Kinbaku Kinbaku Today 2

Gallery: DonSir Black & White Kinbaku

Black and white kinbaku photography by DonSir