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David has been a part of the public SM scene in the United States since 1997. He is an avid rope enthusiast who has had the opportunity to study under Osada Steve since 2009 and Yukimura Haruki from 2012-2015. He founded two rope groups in the Midwest; Kinbaku Oklahoma and Kinbaku Kansas City Missouri, LLC. The article is an excerpt taken from David’s experience assisting with a photoshoot involving Sugiura Norio, Osada Steve and Morikawa Mari.

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Quelle Surprise or “I Tie and I Know Things”

For the past decade, I have been warning people of the problems and limitations of focusing kinbaku so intensely on technique, without thinking about the heart of it. The focus has been, almost exclusively, on the how to tie, rather than the why we tie. And by why, I don't mean "why we use a munter hutch here, rather than there." I mean motivation. I mean passion. I mean desire. I mean fantasy. I mean heart.